If your purchased the Live version of the 21-Day Journey, there will be some instructional videos for you to watch, but the rest of the content will not yet be available.

  • Week 1 materials will be released after the first live call.
  • Week 2 materials will be released exactly 7 days later, after the second live call.
  • Week 3 materials will be released exactly 7 days after that, after the third live call.

The dates of the calls and the links to the calls are found on the front page of the course.

If you purchased the self-study version, the materials still release on a week-by-week basis.

The reason we do this is that the techniques introduced in each week build upon each other, so you should use each week to get really good at the relevant skills. Developing your skills each week ensures that you are practising safely and effectively, so you can get maximum results!

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