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How much SOMA Breath is too much?

That depends on the technique you are using. Breathwork and breath-holding feels amazing, who wouldn’t want to practice multiple times a day?!

Too much hypoxia can lead to chronic hypoxia, which is very damaging to the body. Chronic hypoxia begins at around 15 cycles of hypoxia per day.

In any SOMA session, we use a maximum of 5 cycles of hypoxia: That’s more than enough to get all of the amazing benefits.

With that all taken into account, your daily practice should not really exceed 5-10 cycles of hypoxia. There’s no need to do any more than that; you don’t need to go overboard with it!

Niraj answers this question in detail in this YouTube video. We have created a Daily Dose guided breathwork track that you can use once you’ve completed the 21-Day Awakening Breath Journey.

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