How is SOMA Breath different from other breathwork modalities?

1 min. readlast update: 02.06.2024

We get this question a lot, so Niraj wrote a really detailed blog post explaining the difference between SOMA Breath and other popular breathwork modalities and Pranayama.

About the differences between Breathfit and Breathers for Life

Breathfit is an all-in-one health resource, covering Soma Breath basics, breathwork, weight loss-friendly diets, and a sprinkle of soma yoga. It's the whole package for your daily well-being routine. This training will help to enhance your awareness in your daily habits and to get deep into the power of your Breath, you will be able to create your own daily routine and see your progress.

Breathers for Life takes a deep dive into pranayama, focusing on things like diaphragmatic, nasal, silent, smooth, and coherent breathing techniques. It’s all about easing depression, anxiety, taming inflammation, and giving your heart some love. This training will give you the foundations of longevity and create a subtle and silent breath, managing the volume of air you inhale every minute. This is related to living better and longer. 

Two unique approaches to breathwork, catering to different vibes of holistic well-being


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